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The purchase of the carpet squares has transformed our basketball stadium each time we laid them out. It has proved to be a wonderful investment and improved the flexibility, thermal and acoustic behaviour of the space. I would gladly recommend the squares to any school with a robust sporting space that they would like to use for other purposes. Smartsquare has also been excellent to work with.

Vincent J Feeney, College Principal
  • Protects the floors perfectly (as we have a stadium – wooden varnished basketball court style floor) ensuring it’s protection from social events i.e. high heels, drink spills etc is extremely important.
  • The tiles are great vs roll out (one piece) carpet – if you have a function, people can just “swap out” a tile and clean it. It also doesn’t “curl up” like a one piece unit would as a one piece large unit curls as you have to roll it up to store.
  • Storage is better vs one large unit, as the trolley’s you purchase with them are very handy.
  • Tiles have not been “curling up” at the edges, very stable when placed on the floor and when you are putting more and more out i.e. square area is getting larger, it assists with less tile movement.
Nick Fergusson – Centre Manager, Leisure Centre

It was amazing! The gym was completely transformed. The floor was completely covered, and the acoustics were fantastic. This definitely showed how this space could be used for multiple purposes with the use of the carpets.

Juliette Hayes – College Principal

We are more than happy to endorse your Smartsquare product. It has to proved to be hightly effective and practical, as well as attractive in appearance. The tiles are an optimum size, and are easy to manage quickly and efficiently.

I would be happy to be contracted by any prospective buyers, as would our Deputy Headmaster, who takes responsibility to ththeir use. If you require anything further in writing, please let me know.

Susan Hassall – Headmaster, College

We built a multipurpose gymnasium, assembly hall, exam centre and sacred space in 2012. The challenge was to protect the expensive sprung floor when the space was being used for assemblies, functions and exams.

We worked with Arena Flooring to find a solution to cover the floor that was easy to manage and store. The SMARTSQUARES we purchased have proved to be very functional and durable and have allowed the school to use the space in so many ways. With the user-friendly trollies the mats can be very quickly wheeled out of storage and laid by a team of students.

Arena Flooring provided quality service and advice throughout the process from the time of our initial inquiries through to supply of the mats and trolleys.

Monica Johnson – Principal, College

We will be pleased to pass on a testimonial for your very suitable product.

As you are aware we have only just purchased around 700 new carpet tiles to cover our twin basketball courts for special events, we replaced 18 lengths of carpet which curled at the edges and when it was stained was extremely hard to clean therefore it always looked unsightly.

With the new tiles we can now either move tiles to a less prominent location or we can take the tile outside to clean and dry.

Being tile squares we have found them so much easier and safer to store, we stack them onto 7 x four wheel trolleys and then pushed into a storage cupboard instead of leaving the carpet on the courts thereby eliminating any OH&S problems

We have had nothing but praise with the look and condition of the new carpet from our staff.

St Monica’s College

It went great thanks. Your guys were fantastic and it really does make a massive difference. The exam team are really happy with the product.

If you have anyone thinking of buying in the area I’m happy for you to send them down and give my details.

Billy Cunningham

Leeds Beckett University have large numbers of events in all of our sports halls and sports spaces, prior to purchasing Smartsquare flooring we either brought in logistics firms to lay rolls of carpet or spent hours with our own staff laying carpet squares.

By the time furniture and equipment was moved into place the carpet or tiles had shifted creating gaps and trip hazards.

Since we purchased our Smartsquare flooring things could not have gotten easier, it takes a few staff just over an hour to lay a 6 court hall and the look and feel when finished is amazing….no more shifting, slipping and tripping problems, the flooring stays in place from the moment it is laid down and remains so for the duration of the event.
Excellent product ,brilliant company.

David Henderson – Facilities Manager, Leeds Beckett University