Transform your space with SMARTSQUARE

High-Performance Sports Hall Gymnasium Floor Protection System

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Transform Your Space

  • Use your existing facilities in an entirely new way

  • Host a wide-array of events on site that you never could before.. without damaging your precious floors

  • Make money hiring out your venue

  • Become a community hub

  • Create socially distanced exam spaces with dramatically improved acoustics

  • From conferences, concerts, tradeshows, religious celebrations to parent teacher nights you will be able to host it all on-site



  • SMARTSQUARE is a premium versatile carpet flooring system made up of easy-to-install ‘2 metre by 1 metre’ modules for sports hall floor protection

  • It takes just 15 minutes for 2 people to cover 200m2 with this carpet tile modular flooring system

  • The temporary sports hall carpet tiles help protect the gym floor underneath and leave no marks

  • No taping or adhesive is required to install this seamless temporary sports hall floor covering

  • Noise-reducing exam room flooring, improves conditions for students to perform their best

Gym Floor Cover Protection

  • SMARTSQUARE protects your valuable gymnasium floors with a structured lay-flat carpet that doesn’t peak or curl

  • When SMARTSQUARE is installed, the surface is level, with no bunching or tripping points

  • SMARTSQUARE is being used to protect gym floors all over the globe

  • SMARTSQUARE saves you money on maintenance and floor replacement costs

  • SMARTSQUARE is waterproof, robust and is simple and compact to store

Simple to install and store

Eco-friendly and recyclable

Generate revenue with your existing space

Seamless, lay flat design

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