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Gym Floor Cover Protection

Gym Floor Cover / Protection by Smartsquare

Gym Floor Cover / Protection by Smartsquare

SMARTSQUARE is an exciting, high-tech protective temporary floor covering that doesn’t peak or curl.  It’s perfect for protecting your precious gym floors and safe for gym and room users because SMARTSQUARE gives you a solid, flat, level floor with no bunching or tripping over.

Originally developed in Europe to protect exotic wooden and marble floors without damaging them, SMARTSQUARE is now being used to protect precious modern gym floors in Australia and around the globe.

SMARTSQUARE’s ingenious, technologically advanced floor covering is made from heavy duty polypropylene. Its hardwearing construction protects your gym floor from wear and tear from accidental gouging and other occurrences that ruin your gym floor. Durable SMARTSQUARE actually saves you money on gym floor maintenance and gym floor replacement costs.

SMARTSQUARE is waterproof; it has an impervious polyolefin backing that resists spillage and staining.  If something is spilled on SMARTSQUARE, mop it up and it won’t show.

With SMARTSQUARE, you can now make money from your gym.  Your gym floor will be well protected with solid, hard wearing SMARTSQUARE so you can hire your gym as a venue for events, entertainment, banquets, presentations, seminars, public meetings and concerts.

Use SMARTSQUARE for the short or long-term.  Installing SMARTSQUARE is easy – it’s an uncomplicated loose lay.  The average gymnasium takes about 20-30 minutes to lay and SMARTSQUARE is even quicker to remove.

Simple and compact to store, SMARTSQUARE is stacked on special trolleys for easy packing and unpacking.

SMARTSQUARE can be customised to fit any gym floor shape.  Even irregular areas in your gym can be covered. And you can also easily replace any portion of SMARTSQUARE gym flooring if you should ever need to.

Good looking SMARTSQUARE comes in four contemporary colours.  You can choose a solid single colour, add a second colour or go for a subtle patterned mix, combining up to all four colours.  As they’re in the same colour family, SMARTQUARE colours work together beautifully and look very stylish and fashionable.

SMARTSQUARE is produced in a cost effective, environmentally friendly way so it’s a very affordable and environmentally sustainable product for protecting your precious gymnasium floor.

Contact SMARTSQUARE today to see for yourself why SMARTSQUARE is Australia’s favourite temporary gym flooring.

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